The long hours at work, a demanding workout, and an impossible schedule could weigh anyone down and make them want to chill out. When you think of chilling out, reaching for a cold beverage or taking a dip in a pool comes to mind.

However, Chill Tubs are another great way to give your mind and body the much-needed break, whilst optimising physical and mental performance. However, you might wonder when the optimal time to use a Chill Tub is. In this blog, we’ll discuss the most advantageous times to indulge in a Chill Tub and ways in which they could benefit you.

After a motivational workout session or a game

A Chill Tub may not only be refreshing and relaxing but could also be beneficial for muscles that may feel tired after an intense physical activity session. It could also lower your body temperature and help to prevent any muscle soreness the next day.

After a long day at work

After hours of sitting in front of a computer screen, meeting with clients, or entertaining the little ones, your mind and body could feel overwhelmed and stressed. Taking some time to unwind in a Chill Tub could help to alleviate some of that stress by providing a more relaxed and serene environment- with an increase of endorphins, dopamine, and other mood-boosting chemicals in the brain.

When getting together with friends

A Chill Tubs could be an exciting addition to any gathering, providing a unique and enjoyable guest experience. Tolerance to cold water varies from person to person and we recommend being mindful of gradually building up the duration of use with the Chill Tub.

When a loved one needs a break

A Chill Tub not only helps you to unwind and relax, but it can also be therapeutic for your loved ones.

Chill Tubs are a great way to relax and rejuvenate. Whether it’s after a long day or a workout or to optimise physical performance. Chill Tubs could be beneficial for not only your physical but also your mental performance.

Invest in a Chill Tub and take a step towards relaxation, rejuvenation and optimisation.


Chill Tubs are suitable for most people, most of the time, however we recommend to take a cautious approach and we would advise that people with reduced mobility, sensory, and/or cognitive abilities only use the Chill Tub if supervised and only if they have the knowledge necessary to use the equipment safely, as well as to understand the dangers arising from improper use.

For more information on who should use the Chill Tub please visit our FAQs.