Chill Tubs have partnered up with Sarah Lindsay, former olympian and founder of ROAR Fitness. 

With recovery being a vital part of Sarah’s routine, we partnered up with her as she wanted a more sustainable ice bath that could improve her recovery time. 

Why did you decide to get a Chill Tub?

I was using ice baths for years as an athlete so I know how much they aided recovery days but had got out of the habit of using them since. I started by filling the bath up with ice and doing this every morning just to make sure it wasn’t just going to be a phase for me. After a good few months of this absolute rigamarole every morning I decided it was time to invest. 

How long are you spending in the Chill Tub and at what temperature?

I am currently doing 5 mins at 4 degrees every morning. 

How are you incorporating the Chill Tub into your routine?

I go for a walk first to warm up which makes the cold water feel refreshing. Then when I get home I jump straight in the Chill Tub and listen to some calming classical music for 5 mins. I use this time to focus on deep breathing and I always make sure I smile throughout- call me crazy but tell me physically smiling doesn’t make you feel happier.

Have you experienced any benefits from the Chill Tub?

100%, it helps my morning mindset. I don’t find it challenging or difficult anymore but actually a really pleasurable experience that starts my day off right. If the first thing you do in the morning is health focused it will help shape the rest of your daily decisions in a positive way.

Do you have any advice you would give people who are new to the Chill Tub?

Build up the time and lower temperatures. You can do it and you will adjust but don’t spend 5 mins slowly lowering yourself in- I promise it makes it so much harder! Jump in, breathe deep and remember to smile.