In collaboration with Castle Hot Tubs, Chill Tubs partnered with Gareth Davies, Wales international rugby union player currently playing for the Scarlets with the position scrum-half.

Alongside Castle Hot Tubs, we were invited to Gareth’s home to not only install the Chill Tub into his garden, but to also discuss how he plans to integrate the Chill Tub into his recovery routine, as well as understand how the Chill Tub will benefit both his physical and mental health.

Being a professional rugby player, having a distinguished recovery routine is extremely valuable to Gareth and he is definitely keen to see how the Chill Tub will help to level up his recovery process. After already having both a hot tub and a sauna in his back garden, Gareth was thrilled to receive his Chill Tub to complete the ultimate at-home recovery set-up.

Why did you choose a Chill Tub?

Gareth was eager to complete his at-home recovery set up, and a Chill Tub was his missing piece.

Gareth told us: “Recovery is a big part of my routine, after being a professional rugby player now for almost 15 years I’m getting a little bit older, so recovery is really important for me.

“I’ve always done ice baths, whether that’s in training or getting down to the sea every now and again, but I’ve always wanted to have my own recovery set up at home, and I’ve finally got that now.”

How do you plan on using the Chill Tub ?

We asked Gareth when he plans to use the Chill Tub. He explained how he plans to use the Chill Tub at various times for different reasons e.g. in the morning to clear his mind, or after his workouts for active recovery. This is so he can optimise the benefits he is receiving from a dip in the Chill Tub.

He said “For my mind, I’d probably jump in first thing in the morning which is usually about 6am. Then after a tough session in the afternoons I will tend to jump in to help my body physically.”

What are the main factors when considering a Chill Tub?

For Gareth, he made it incredibly clear that his main reason for wanting a Chill Tub was for the improved recovery benefits. Being a professional rugby player means that he has to make sure his body is able to physically withstand so much, so being able to bounce back to optimum physical health quickly is important for him, especially as he is competing in the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Gareth said: “One of the main reasons is for the recovery side of things, recovery is really important to me as a professional rugby player.”

“Recovery is really important to me as a professional rugby player”

A huge thank you to Castle Hot Tubs for providing us with the opportunity to work with Gareth Davies.