Personal trainer, online coach and one of the UK’s top fitness influencers, Bradley Simmonds recently received his Chill Tub.  Former professional footballer Bradley had his Chill Tub delivered to his apartment in London with a stunning view of the River Thames.

Bradley was thrilled to receive his new Chill Tub and is excited to see what the effects will be when he uses it as part of his recovery.

Throughout Bradley’s whole career he has been used to cold water therapy and is excited to get back into that routine.

Why did you decide to get a Chill Tub?

I wanted a Chill Tub as it is part of my lifestyle now. I was recently in Bali and going in an ice bath every single day. The benefits were incredible. So, I thought let’s get myself a Chill Tub and every morning it will be my first win of the day. Got to be done.

When I was a professional footballer in my QPR days, I did it regularly after training for recovery benefits.   I lived in Iceland so I actually went into the cold-water sea after training so I guess this was a natural Chill Tub. Benefits were endless.

Throughout my whole career, fitness wise and football wise I know the benefits of things like Chill Tubs.

So, I am very excited to get back into that routine. 

What benefits do you expect from using the Chill Tub?

I think the main benefits will definitely be my recovery – quicker recovery time. To allow me to push and go harder with my training.  I think it will have huge mental health benefits.

The dopamine rush you will receive when you get in a Chill Tub will be massive.

So, I am excited to experience that dopamine rush most days.

I know the dopamine rush lasts about 8 hours. So, I am excited for that feeling to make me feel positive and motivated every single day.

“Every morning it will be my first win of the day”

How will you incorporate the Chill Tub in to your life?

For me, the most beneficial time will be first thing in the morning. It will release endorphins to my brain. It will make me feel very motivated going into the day. Of course, there will be days when I use it twice.  Maybe midday after a tough workout I will use it again.  But for me I will be excited to use it at sunrise first thing in the morning.

If you can do 3 minutes in a Chill Tub you can do anything that day.  It builds resilience, builds character and builds strength mentally.  That’s another reason why a Chill Tub is so beneficial, you can have discipline and commitment and everything else will be easy.

“It builds resilience, builds character and builds strength mentally.”